Luxury estate for sale Mougins, France

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A centre for culture in the Provence-Côte d’Azur region, the town of Mougins has a very dynamic property sector.

If you're looking to purchase a villa, we can provide exactly the services you require. The sale of prestige properties forms the core of our business as an agency. We work with you at every stage of the transaction to help you complete and finalise the sale of your property.

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Villa sales in Mougins

Situated in a prime location on the Côte d’Azur, Mougins offers excellent opportunities where the sale of luxury properties is concerned. The Provençal style prestige and charm of the town attracts substantial numbers of potential buyers in search of single-storey villas or properties overlooking the town with beautiful unobstructed views of the coast. Properties with panoramic views over the Mediterranean are in particularly high demand. A number of the houses in the area face directly south, thus allowing them to benefit from maximum levels of sunshine all year round. Some have large bedrooms with their own private entrances opening directly onto the garden.

Mougins is the ideal place to sell houses of charm and character equipped with all the modern comforts. In addition to spacious bedrooms and large lounges, some villas also have their own wine cellars, swimming pools (complete with pool houses), and even Turkish baths. There are also villas surrounded by large landscaped grounds complete with a summerhouse, a superb patio or a winter conservatory. And there's no shortage of houses equipped with huge garages either.

Villa sales in Mougins

Mougins has numerous large villas to offer with between five and ten bedrooms, or indeed more. Some villas even have their own separate flat: ideal for hosting guests. For the most part, clients are interested in residences offering a certain degree of privacy. Properties set in their own private grounds or located in residential areas are highly sought after. Most luxury villas for sale in Mougins are set in vast, enclosed grounds.

The closeness of local amenities is another plus point: everything in Mougins is within easy reach of the town centre, the airport and the motorway, making it easy to travel and get around. There are also shops and supermarkets located just a short distance from the villas. And finally, there are gyms/sports centres and golf clubs to be found nearby, giving you plenty to do in your leisure time.

Whether it's a family sized home, a single storey villa or something split-level or multi-storey, there is no lack of luxury homes to be found on the French Riviera. We have a selection of top-of-the-range luxury villas in various styles such as contemporary, modern, typically Provençal or architect-designed houses.

Call on the services of John Taylor

Take advantage of the services of a professional estate agency to help you successfully sell your villa in Mougins. John Taylor's expert team will work with you at every stage of the transaction. We know how to listen to our clients in order to bring the sale to a successful conclusion as smoothly and satisfactorily as possible.

We provide personalised bespoke advice to enable you to get the very best out of the sale of your house. We adapt our services to your specific needs in order to highlight the specific character and selling points of your house to the best effect. Our agency has made prestige properties its speciality. To meet buyer demand, we even have villas in our selection that you won't find available anywhere else.

Looking for a villa in the town of Mougins or the surrounding area? We'll guide you through the technical and administrative formalities and help you find the house of your dreams. If necessary, we will place our expertise at your service to help manage the process of dealing with solicitors and completing the legal procedures involved in the sale of a property. We will work alongside you on the financial aspects to quickly bring your property project to successful fruition. We will also deal with the banking and tax formalities to ensure the transparency of the financial transactions involved and the security of the sale.