Villa, House, Property in seasonal rental Mougins, France

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Do you dream of staying in Mougins with the feeling of being as free as at home, if not more so? Think about reserving a villa for seasonal rental and enjoy the pleasure of living in a luxurious universe, in total exclusivity.

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Seasonal rental Villa Mougins

The selection gives pride of place to Provençal bastides and contemporary, new and recently renovated villas. The buildings in the residential areas of Mougins are all nestled on the heights, in restful surroundings. Some of them benefit from a garden with palm trees, an outdoor swimming pool and a pool house. The views over the village, the mountains and/or the sea will allow you to calm down and relax in complete tranquillity.

Depending on the property you choose to stay at, you can easily access the beach, visit a golf course or tennis court, stroll through the markets or discover the local heritage. Indeed, the locations offer the advantage of being close to various points of interest that forge the identity of Mougins.

Call on John Taylor

Luxury real estate is a delicate universe where every detail is of paramount importance. The architectural and decorative styles, the layout of the spaces, the quality of the facilities at your disposal, the setting... are all essential elements. Prestige means that your villa will have to comply with the criteria that you will have defined in advance.

Our team specialising in top-of-the-range real estate will provide you with tailor-made support throughout your project. Let us know your expectations and our agents will take care of establishing a pre-selection that meets the slightest of your requirements so that your holidays in Mougins will take place in the villa that you define as ideal.