Luxury estate for sale Vaud, Switzerland

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Located in Switzerland's magnificent western mountains, the canton of Vaud is renowned for its breathtaking landscape. Within the area, we have houses from the cosmopolitan capital Lausanne, sitting on Lake Geneva, to Ollon, Blonay, and the opulent Montreux villas.

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Luxury estate for sale Vaud

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Houses in the urban areas are closer to the core city areas and ideal for dwellers intrigued by entertainment spots and the nightlife. Meanwhile, rural and suburban property for sale Vaud is quite distant from the hassles and buzzes of the majority of the population, making them suitable for people with a more chilled persona like those envisioning or nearing retirement.

Available are houses with different architectural designs that convey exclusive styles. Contemporary designs are characterized by large windows and doors that stream in tons of natural light, eventually helping reduce electricity bills. Such houses look more open and spacious than traditional homes with smaller windows and doors. To compensate for this, the traditional architectural houses feature charming, intricate details, such as hand-carved woodworking, antique furniture, and stained glasses, giving them an aspect of timelessness.

While we are still on the styles of houses, our clients can choose from standalone homes or apartments and condos. With a standalone house, your yard is yours alone, while with the latter designs, you have to share amenities like gyms and parking, making maintenance less costly since expenses are shared between the tenants.

Beautiful views make a home more relaxing. Depending on the location, we have houses that provide lake views, mountainous views, and both for some. Switzerland lake houses give unobstructed views of the waters, and the owner has the added advantage of creating a dock station for their small yacht. Luxury at its best.

Our properties are averagely 221m², with one to 12 bedrooms. Less than 3-bedroom houses are ideal for small families starting out, while 4-bedroom houses and above are a good fit for large extended families and those planning to grow their families.

Big lakeside property for sale tends to have large lawns, sitting back further from the road to provide extra privacy. Since providing quality houses is our main pursuit, our listings pack lots of amenities within their backyards, including swimming pools, decks and patios, and built-in grills that add a personalized touch to the house. On the other hand, minimalistic houses with fewer backyard features usually have reduced maintenance costs.

To ensure the safety of your cars, most of our houses have garages, and few come with additional street parking. The orientation of the garages differs across the houses, with some having separate garages while others have them attached to the house.

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Purchasing a real estate project Vaud is more of a process than an event that needs to be carried out carefully. Our team has decades of experience in the world of real estate to help you acquire the home of your dreams.

We will help you choose a house that best fits your budget and family's needs. You also don't have to worry about the legal documentation process; we've got you covered.