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John Taylor Life Capital supports its senior clients to optimise their assets and allow them to continue to enjoy the use of their property in peace, whether it be their primary or secondary residence.

The John Taylor Life Capital solution provides many benefits:

Lump-sum payment
Unlike the traditional viager, there is no initial payment or monthly annuity. An immediate lump sum is paid upon signing the deed.

Live-in and usage rights for life
The payment of a lump sum upon signing the deeds comes with the right to live in and use the property for life.
Other possibilities may also be offered, such as the payment of a sum with a forward sale or payment of a sum with usufruct..


Personal assessment
As each situation is unique, any assessment will be personal and carried out by a John Taylor Life Capital consultant who will managing the entire project.

Complete confidentiality
Each file is assessed and handled through a completely confidential process excluding any publication or advertisement.

Secure transaction
The acquisition is carried out using investment funds held by renowned institutions (pension funds, friendly societies, provident institutions, insurance companies etc.) and certified by an authorised notary. The guarantee of a lump-sum payment together with the live-in and usage rights is totally secure.

For any further information, please contact John Taylor Life Capital. An experienced consultant will be available to answer all your questions.

A dedicated team of experts

Available across France, the John Taylor Life Capital team is made up of experienced consultants who are exclusively dedicated to this asset management solution.

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