Property Valuation

With more than 150 years of history, John Taylor is the leader in property valuations. Our agencies offer a complete valuation of properties for sale as well as for rental, with a know-how dedicated to a unique clientele. John Taylor's team of professionals strives to deliver a level performance beyond expectations, offering cients unparalleled service and commitment. Our agencies have in depth knowledge of their respective market and manage to valuate your property with greatest precision. With the highest level of confidentiality, one of John Taylor’s experts will be delighted to value your home according to present and future market trends. Using the most innovative management, communication and marketing tools, your agency sets up a sales strategy.

Thanks to John Taylor's strategic alliance with Artcurial, leader in its industry, John Taylor is now able to offer a unique and integrated service. In one meeting, you will have the complete valuation of your property and the furniture or artwork that it contains. To read more about the unique partnership of John Taylor and Artcurial please click here: Partnership

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