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Of all the most exotic places on Earth, few can match the wondrous land of Dubai. Whether you're already a seasoned visitor or looking to plan your first trip here, get ready to discover some of the most eye-watering properties in the world to match this mystical environment.

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Villa for sale in Dubai

Top luxury villas for sale in Dubai

Curious about Dubai culture? Here to sample some authentic mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisine? Perhaps sport is what you came to see, with football and cricket being particularly popular in this bustling city. Whatever the case may be, you'll be interested in our luxury villas for sale in downtown Dubai, which perfectly encapsulate the location in both their design and picturesque surroundings.

When you're not busy roaming the city, why not take some time to relax by a sparkling clear pool? Our self-catering villas also make perfect spots for entertaining guests. The United Arab Emirates has relatively strict liquor laws but there's nothing preventing you from enjoying a drink with friends in the privacy in one of our opulent Dubai villas.

From humble beginnings to luxurious tourist hotspot

It was only in the 18th century, little over 200 years ago, that Dubai was first established as a fishing village. Lightyears away from the famous city we know today, it grew into a town of barely 800 members. Its prime location as a port town made it ideal for imports and exports by sea; a popular place for merchants.

By the beginning of the 20th Century up until the Great Depression, pearls were a popular export. Gold then became a strong trading route with London in the 1960s, with the city's first hotels and Dubai Airport opening around this time. Then came discovery of oil off the coast in 1966 and the population exploded by 300% within the following decade.

While famous primarily for its oil exports, Dubai grasped the tourist opportunity with both hands. Today it is famous for other things too, such as the month-long Dubai Shopping Festival and even the Dubai International Film Festival, the leading film festival in the Arab world.

The city has also made a splash in the sporting world with such events as the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament attracting visitors from around the world. Whatever your area of interest, you're sure to find something in this beautiful city worth coming and staying for.

Call on John Taylor

A villa for sale in Dubai near Jumeirah beach could be just what you need. Our highly skilled and experienced team are ready and willing to help.

Things like budget and length of stay need to be considered and we can help you pick the villa that's right for you based on these and other factors, as well as helping with any administrative elements that must be factored in. Don't miss out on this rare life-changing experience in Dubai; browse our offerings and get in touch with us today.