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Are you looking for opulent, light, modern apartments with fantastic vistas overlooking the best of the Mediterranean coastline? Do you wish and long for a city that combines the best of seaside living in the South of France with all the strengths, amenities, and attractions of urban Italy?

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Apartment Rental in Monaco with John Taylor

If so? We have the answer. John Taylor is proud to offer our clients fully-furnished apartment accommodation in one of the world's most famous, glamorous, and prestigious countries - Monaco.

About Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a historic, subtropical city-state located at the very foot of the Alps. It's situated around thirty minutes by car or train from Nice, France or three hours from Genoa, Italy.

Establishing itself as a trading harbour with its own micro-monarchy in the Late Medieval, Monaco radically revitalised itself again at the end of the 1870s to become a fashionable spa resort and gambler's haven. As a result, Monaco today boasts the world's highest population density and lowest per capita poverty rate (CIA World Factbook). The remaining space in the foothills is used almost solely for leisure such as sport, parks, and hiking, all overshadowed by the dramatic Tête de Chien mountain ridge.

Architecturally, Monaco is best known for its unusual mix of neoclassical, colonial, modernist high-rise, and art-nouveau stonework and plaster facades dotted with palms and olive trees. The crowded skyline of the four-mile-long port teams with stacked skyscrapers, casinos, and low-rise luxury flats. Grandiosity, distinctiveness, and absolute quality are watchwords. Nothing built in Monaco is ever rushed or cheap.

Monaco is also easily reachable from the Mediterranean and Aegean by private vessels. Extensive, expansive sea mooring is available at the 'floating' Port de Fontvieille and Port Hercule. Superyachts and cruisers are a common, daily sight at the shoreline.

Although it's still independent with its own by-laws, unique language and dialect (Monégasque), and rulers, Monaco is, in most respects, thoroughly French. You'll need to drive on the right and pay in euros if you choose to live in the principality. Permanent residency can be awarded (upon request) to citizens after ten consecutive years of 'upstanding' behaviour. Visas apply to visits lasting for more than three months.

Why Monaco?

The city's international renown as the final word in entertainment and nightlife for the rich, mobile, and stylish has been hard-won and well-earnt over three raucous centuries. With the original Monte-Carlo Casino running alongside the opera house, endless nightclubs and cafes, the world-famous (seasonal) Grand Prix F1 circuit, oceanographic museum, historic cathedral, and Grimaldi Forum, you'll certainly never be lost for something to do. As a top holiday destination, banking hub, and naval gateway, it's fab for networking, career building, and catching up with old friends from across Europe. Everything's within walking distance of everything else, too.

If you need to travel? Monaco's underground rail link means you can be back in Florence, Rome, Paris, or Geneva well within a day. If you're moving to Monaco for work rather than play? A diverse range of international finance, automobile, and fashion magnates all trade within tight borders. Opportunity is always available in Monaco.

Renting in Monaco with John Taylor

As part of our brokering, John Taylor is pleased to offer you our comprehensive rental management and liaison services. We can take the pain and stress out of finding accommodation abroad. Our experienced team will work with your specific requirements and budget to find you a perfect match in Monaco, where living space can often be at a competitive premium. You can see more of what we could offer to you directly below.