Luxury estate for sale Cap D'Ail, France

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Cap-D’ail, near to Monaco, the town receive modern infrastructures between sea and mountain. The one which was titled until 1908, « La Turbie-sur-Mer » is rich in heritage of « Belle Epoque ». Nestle in rocks where combine thin sand and small ring shingles, luxurious properties overhanging the sea will giving you a majestic living environment.

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Live to Cap-D’ail : ideal life

Find a property at Cap-D’ail : at Monaco’s doors

Cap-D’ail contain prestigious residences, which enable to find calm but also, a animating town whose accessibility is put forward. Extraordinary properties of « Belle Epoque » style, near to beach, have exceptional view on Mediterranean.

« Le Château des Terrasses » : culture and heritage

Culture lover, the city found in « her » castle a ideal space and organize regularly some concerts, exhibitions of paint, sculpture and photograph, as well as Alpes-Maritimes’ « Les Nuits d’été » and « Les Soirées Estivales », open on the Mediterranean.

For hobbies : coastline

French Riviera’s jewelry, it offer a lot of activities : walk on refitted and secure coastline (or seaboard), swimming at the bank of the most beautiful beaches of Côte d’Azur ; among them, the « mythical » Mala, sports events in close collaboration with dynamic associations, hiking to the top of « Tête de Chien »…